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East Brunswick NJ Domestic Violence Attorney

Defense Against Restraining Orders

Temporary restraining orders (TRO) issued for domestic violence can lead to permanent final restraining orders (FRO) and serious consequences, including being barred from the home with only clothes that the police officer allows you to grab in 15 minutes, separation from your children, and even jail for violation of the restraining order. There is too much at stake not to defend against domestic violence charges and a permanent final restraining order.

The Law Offices of Todd B. Eder aggressively defends charges of domestic violence (e.g. assault, harassment, stalking), restraining orders and TRO and FRO violations. Contact us immediately for a free consultation. With offices in East Brunswick, we practice in Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean and Somerset Counties in central New Jersey and the Jersey Shore, and in any other county in New Jersey to meet our clients' needs.

We also represent those who are seeking the court's protection. If you are the victim of spousal abuse or other domestic violence, we can assist you in the prosecution of a permanent restraining order.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders • Violations of Orders

Most judges will issue a temporary restraining order upon the request of the victim or the police with minimal proof of domestic violence. Within a few days, you must appear in Superior Court, Family Division, to respond to the allegations. At that hearing, the court will determine if there is a basis for issuing a final restraining order. All that is necessary for the court to grant a FRO is to find, based upon the "preponderance of the evidence," the lowest standard of proof, that an act of domestic violence occurred and that the victim is in fear of his/her safety. Once issued, the FRO is almost always permanent. Violation of the FRO is a criminal offense!

The issuance of an FRO permanently prevents you from having any contact with the accuser. Any intentional contact, even if consented to by the alleged victim, is a criminal violation punishable by jail. An FRO can prevent you from seeing your children or, alternatively, enable you to see them only through supervised visitation. It will prevent you from possessing a firearm, and has other significant consequences.

Attorney Todd B. Eder is a former assistant county prosecutor with more than 33 years of courtroom experience. He has successfully challenged domestic violence accusations, avoiding the criminal consequences of a final restraining order.

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Call the Law Offices of Todd B. Eder at 732-937-9100, or contact us online, day or night, for a free initial consultation.

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