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Criminal Defense Attorney: Drug Possession

Woodbridge, NJ

Being charged with drug possession in Woodbridge is a traumatic and potentially devastating event. An arrest or a criminal charge for drug or drug paraphernalia possession can have life-changing consequences that can impact your future employment, your position in your community, and how others perceive you.

A conviction in Woodbridge for either possession of marijuana (N.J.S. 2C:35-10) or drug paraphernalia (N.J.S. 2C:36-1) carries mandatory fines and assessments, as well as a six month license suspension and possible probation, including random drug testing.

Most defendants' marijuana charges arise as a result of a police-initiated search of their person, car or home. In such cases, the Law Offices of Todd B. Eder can evaluate whether or not your constitutional rights regarding illegal search and seizure have been violated which may result in the evidence suppressed and the case dismissed.

The Law Offices of Todd B. Eder are skilled at challenging the police procedures employed during initial interaction and subsequent arrest. We promise that you will receive the most diligent and rigorous defense. Contact the Law Offices of Todd B. Eder, 24/7, at (732) 937-9100.

The Law Offices of Todd B. Eder also provides defense of the following types of Woodbridge municipal and New Jersey state actions.

Disorderly Conduct Charge

You may be subject to a summons from the Woodbridge police for disorderly conduct under several circumstances, the most common of which involves public alcohol consumption. (N.J.S. 2C:33-2). This statute renders it a criminal offense for an individual to engage in overly offensive language in public or to engage in conduct that is likely to cause public disorder. A conviction will result in a criminal record.

The Law Offices of Todd B. Eder have handled disorderly conduct cases and are adept at evaluating police reports and finding inaccuracies or contradictions which may result in dismissal or reduced charges.

Contact the Law Offices of Todd B. Eder, 24/7, at (732) 937-9100.

Resisting Arrest Charge

Any action to hinder or resist an arrest in Woodbridge can result in the issuance of a summons under N.J.S. 2C:29-2. A conviction results in a criminal record. The statute encompasses any and all of the following scenarios:

I. Eluding a police officer who is attempting to arrest the individual;

II. Using or threatening to use force against an officer during an arrest; and

III. Providing an officer with false identification (either verbally or by presentation of a false official document, i.e. a fake ID)

A successful defense of a resisting arrest charge involves close scrutiny of the procedures employed by the police at the time of the arrest, and whether their determination of resistance was justified. Many aspects of this charge are subject to legal and technical interpretation, and can be effectively used for dismissal or a reduced charge.

Contact the Law Offices of Todd B. Eder, 24/7, at (732) 937-9100.

Drinking Underage

A conviction for drinking underage in Woodbridge results in a criminal record and can also result in a six month drivers license suspension, under N.J.S.A. 2C:33-15.

Underage drinking may also affect adults who facilitate it. Parents who break Woodbridge underage drinking laws can be liable for injuries to third parties. Adults facilitating underage drinking in Woodbridge also can be subject to criminal prosecution. In short, your teenager's illegal drinking has many more consequences than you might realize.

The Law Offices of Todd B. Eder can defend such cases which may result in dismissal, warnings, or reductions of the charge. Contact the Law Offices of Todd B. Eder, 24/7, at (732) 937-9100.


NJSA 39:4-50, Driving while Intoxicated (DUI), is a very serious charge that can impact your life.

A first offense conviction will result in suspension of your driving privileges, a significant fine, alcohol counselling, potential jail time, and installation of an ignition interlock system for those with a BAC greater than .15%. Second and third offenses are even more severe, and will result in extended loss of driving privileges, mandatory participation in rehabilitation programs, installation of an ignition interlock system and imprisonment. A conviction of any drunken driving charge will permanently appear on your driving record and may adversely affect all areas of your life.

During a DUI encounter, you will have likely been subject to field sobriety testing, and a breath test (Alcotest 7110) or a blood test to determine if you are indeed intoxicated. Attorney Todd B. Eder will review the results of field sobriety tests, breath tests (Alcotest 7110) and any blood tests to determine if the readings were valid. Our experience and familiarity with the Woodbridge court system can assure you of the most rigorous and comprehensive defense available. Contact the Law Offices of Todd B. Eder, 24/7, at (732) 937-9100.

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